Unlocking Real-World Data at Scale

Longitudinal. Real-time. Diverse.

Unlocking Real-
World Data at Scale

Longitudinal. Real-time. Diverse.

Briya’s decentralized network brings you RWD to power your research and operations

Through a simple query, the exact patient-level data you need is delivered in real time straight to your research environment, at a fraction of the time and cost.
Track the full patient journey with longitudinal datasets that have been standardized and matched across sources
Obtain patient-level clinical & real-world data on-demand for drug development, market access and HEOR purposes
Work with highly diverse data, taken from numerous sources such as EMRs, PACS and pathology

Obtaining medical data for research is complicated and expensive

Research is only as good as the data that powers it.​
But, there are many barriers that make obtaining high quality data much harder than it should be. 

It’s time to put an end to

Degraded data quality
Compliance barriers
Duplicate records
Limited and biased sources
Paying for data you don’t need
Single-purpose frozen datasets

Access RWD at your fingertips

Our decentralized network provides patient-level data with unprecedented ease, speed and cost-efficiency

No duplicated records

purchase only the records that you need and pay for them once

No more static datasets

data is extracted in real time, straight from the source, and can easily be reused

Unbiased & equitable

access diverse and comprehensive data from across the world

Unlock insights

hidden in structured and unstructured data

Why Briya?

High quality longitudinal data

Receive reliable patient-level data that has been standardized, de-duplicated, and flawlessly linked across multiple sources in real time.

Bulletproof privacy & compliance

Smart contracts auto-enforce regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR as well as patient consent and DUA agreements. .

Cost-effective, fast & scalable

Our lightweight system integrates into any data source directly as-is, eliminating manual data preparation.

How it works?

Longitudinal Data
is Key

Medical innovation goes beyond obtaining RWD. It’s also about the full patient journey.

Often the key to accelerating drug approval or assess drug safety lies in connecting data silos – safely, reliably and compliantly.

To this end, Briya brings game changing technology to the table. 

Briya’s proprietary technology matches patient data across sources with unprecedented accuracy, while maintaining complete patient privacy, to bring you the most comprehensive longitudinal patient records available.

Unlock RWE across your entire value chain

Clinical Trials
  • Cohort finding
  • Pre-study research
  • Synthetic control arm
  • Decentralized trials
Market Access and HEOR
  • Accurate assessment of the market
  • Introducing a new drug to the market
  • Post introduction of the drug to the market
  • From conditional to full approval
  • Population bridging
  • Label expansion
  • Multi-centered research
  • Comparative & long term effectiveness
  • Pandemic tracking
  • Vaccine deployment
  • Pharmacovigilance and adverse event tracking

Shorten time to data