Ushering medical research into the 22nd century.

We support impact at scale.

We believe that great things are in store for humanity if innovators begin to take full advantage of medical data.

Our Mission

Making healthcare data accessible and easily shareable to drive health innovation

Briya’s goal is to provide access to high quality medical data quickly, securely, compliantly through an infrastructure that connects data systems and users without friction.

We remove the boundaries holding back research and shorten time to medicine, accelerate innovation 10 fold, and drive better health outcomes, while ensuring our partners remain fully compliant and 100% in control.

"Briya has developed the only end-to-end solution currently on the market that streamlines the entire process of data sharing between healthcare organizations and life sciences organizations... Their unique vision, coupled with its cutting-edge technology, makes us confident that Briya will significantly improve the healthcare industry’s ability to make positive use of clinical data"

Sarit Firon
Managing Partner at Team8

Briya is an exceptional company that can make a real difference in the way researchers use data to make thousands of previously unimaginable new treatments possible.
A secured, standardized data exchange network will help achieve equity for all patients, and Briya provides that and more

Liad Agmon
Managing Director at Insight Ventures

Briya is promoting innovative healthcare with its platform, offering accelerated access to high-quality data that will help reduce time to medicine. We are proud to join the journey as seed investors in Briya

Raphael Menachemson
Innocare Health Investments

We are very excited about seeding Briya. David and Guy have the expertise and they have assembled the right team for the mission to enable researchers and hospitals to more effectively collaborate in treating and potentially curing so many diseases.

Ben Rabinowitz
Managing Partner & Founder at Amiti Ventures

Our Values

At Briya our core values drive the way we do our work.

We strive to create an environment

 where we can all thrive and succeed. We:

Get It Right

We listen and learn in order to build an environment that empowers us to reach the right answer.

Are Good

We act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Create Relationships

We do not create customers, we seek to build long-term collaborative partnerships.

Deliver Results

We will keep working until we have results. We aim for results, not busy work.

Always Learn

We believe constant personal and professional growth is the key to improvement and growth.

Are Courageous

We are not afraid to speak up. We seek diversity in opinions, experiences, backgrounds and people.

Are Human Centered

There is nothing more important than well-being. The well-being of people impacted by our solution is the most important to us.

Are Kind

We respect differences and believe it is vital to treat everyone with kindness, dignity, respect and professionalism.

Executive Team

David Lazerson

Co founder & CEO

Guy Tish

Co founder & CTO

Gadi Lalazar, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Siegal Sadetzki, M.D.

Chief Epidemiology Officer

Ruth Levi Lotan

VP Sales & Partnerships

Dan Peres, M.D.

VP Business Development

Mor Pecht

Head of Marketing

Yossi Zarfati

Head of Product