Accelerate Discoveries

Access rich, longitudinal and live data for true impact

RWD to fuel research and innovation

Access the exact data you need from any number of systems, accelerating timelines
Patient-level real-world data available on-demand, received organized and ready for analysis
Data is matched both onsite (EMRs, PACS, pathology etc.) and between sites, anonymized and standardized to FHIR/ OMOP
Each request is placed on live data, so as the research evolves, you can continue to zoom in on relevant information for further exploration

Data Quality is Key

Medical innovation goes beyond obtaining RWD. It’s also about the full patient journey.

To this end, Briya brings game-changing technology to the table. Whether linking records between systems or between different sites, Briya’s matching technology provides the most comprehensive longitudinal patient records available.

Briya even includes data hidden in free text, such as doctors notes, structured for convenience. 


RWD to supercharge research

Live patient-level data from accessed from any number of sources, with one simple platform

AI assisted cohort finder

access diverse comprehensive data from across the world via one platform

Datasets tailored to your needs

Zoom in on the specific cohort you need

Speed-up research

data is extracted in real time, straight from the sources, linked & standerdized

Unlock insights

hidden in structured and unstructured data, all pieced together to complete patient journeys

Why Briya?

Better data for better research accuracy

More accurate, relevant results provided with our expert AI curation

Faster, on demand

Receive reliable patient-level data that has been standardized, de-duplicated, and flawlessly linked across multiple sources on demand, in real-time.

Live datasets

The revolutionary ability to query real-time and use live data means you can continuously ask additional questions as needed

How it works?

Better data, shorter timelines