Make the most
of your data

Unlock the value of your data and
power data collaborations at scale

Fast-track your research & commercial collaborations

One platform to supercharge your data

Full data

A comprehensive view of your data assets is provided. You maintain control of your data at all times, deciding exactly what you share with whom.

Promote internal research

Reduce manual work needed to obtain data for internal research, providing a useful tool for processing a data request and delivering the required results to the researcher

Collaborate for

Drive medical innovations with powerful cross industry collaborations

Full visibility
of your data

Briya's mapping provides complete visibility

The bread and butter. All RWD under your roof accounted for. No more questioning where the data is - see into your assets.

Three-layered de-identification technology

including classic PHI removal, smart AI-powered PHI removal and real-time identification prevention automatically block any data transfer that doesn't adhere to your policies. You can trust that data will only be accessed by authorized parties who have been vetted and approved by you.

Data security, privacy and governance are essential.

That's why our platform is designed to give you maximum peace of mind. The platform uses provides full auditability of data accessed.

The holy grail of patient level data

Fuel demand to your data assets with comprehensive, connected, RWD

Siloed data points to form full patient journeys with a synthesis of disparate systems data. Briya’s platform seamlessly connects these data points, taking context into account, to provide longitudinal datasets that power better research.

Why Briya?

No heavy lifting

Briya's team makes sure to make the integration process smooth, seamless and easy. Our lightweight system integrates into the hospital environment directly on-premise. There is no need to make any changes at all to your workflow or network structure. No copying data, no creating data lakes, no extra resources or manual preparation on your side.

Longitudinal patient data

Flawless patient matching technology unlocks complete patient journeys. Zero-knowledge-proof technology matches de-identified patient data across sources, fueling internal insights as well as outside demand.

100% privacy and compliance protected

Compliance and privacy regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR, as well as patient consent and DUA agreements, are automatically enforced. Briya's multi-layered de-identification technology removes PHI (Protected Health Information), even from unstructured data, and actively blocks re-identification attempts. 

Data governance made simple

Granular settings ensure the highest degree of data governance to meet your specific policies and requirements.

How it works

Share the data you choose
Our patient-level network translates any data source (e.g. including EMR, RCM, PACS and biobanks), no matter how it’s structured, into FHIR resources, making it available on-demand.

Data is accessed in real-time (after approval) and shared compliantly through Briya’s partner network. after automatic on-the-fly standardization, matching and anyonymization.

Make the most
of your data