Make the most
of your data

Unlock the value of your data and
power data collaborations at scale

Share and monetize your data with unprecedented ease, and join forces with other healthcare organizations to expand the horizons of medical innovation.

Make your data worth more

Life sciences companies aren’t just looking for RWD.
They want access to the full patient journey.

That’s why a synthesis of same-patients records is unimaginably more valuable than any single record.
With Briya, you join a massive network that can combine your data with those of other sources to form comprehensive and longitudinal datasets that power better research and stronger results.

Today, exchanging medical data is slow, limited & expensive.

Data fragmentation limits visibility, holds back operations and severely complicates and slows down data collaborations.
Existing data solutions often come at a steep price, providing incomplete and static datasets, where data quality and privacy are compromised.

Fast-track your research & commercial collaborations

Plug into Briya’s decentralized network to transcend fragmentation and make your data available instantly, while maintaining full control.

Unlock terabytes of real world data

Drive revenue and share de-identified data with life sciences companies efficiently and compliantly, at a fraction of the time and cost.


Make your data worth more

Combine your data with that of countless other organizations, offering researchers comprehensive longitudinal datasets, making your data that much more attractive and valuable.


Radically cut costs and increase productivity

Gain business insights, boost operational visibility, lower your dependence on costly data analysis resources and reduce manual work.

How it works

Share data compliantly through Briya’s decentralized network, delivering it to your research partners in real time - FHIR-standardized, de-identified, and flawlessly matched across sources.  

Our patient-level network translates any data source (e.g. including EMR, RCM, PACS and biobanks), no matter how it’s structured, into FHIR resources, making it available on-demand.

Why Briya?


Our lightweight system integrates into the hospital environment directly on-premise at a fraction of the time and cost - without copying the data or creating a separate data lake, and with no extra resources or manual preparation.

Longitudinal patient data

Our flawless patient matching technology provides the complete patient journey. Zero-knowledge-proof technology matches de-identified patient data across sources with unprecedented precision - powering cross-institutional collaborations as well as in-house insights across departments.

Fully-automated privacy and compliance

Smart contracts auto-enforce regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR, as well as patient consent and DUA agreements, and our multi-layered de-identification technology removes PHI (Protected Health Information), even from unstructured data, and actively blocks re-identification attempts. 

Data governance made simple

Briya’s intuitive interface requires no special knowledge or training, equipped with highly granular settings to ensure the highest degree of data governance to meet your specific policies and requirements.

Guardians of your data:
prioritizing governance, security, and privacy

Data security, privacy and governance are essential. That's why our platform is designed to give you maximum peace of mind. Briya keeps your data secure and safe at the highest standards.

In addition to our three-layered de-identification technology, our smart contracts automatically block any data transfer that doesn't adhere to your policies and regulations. You can trust that your data will only be accessed by authorized parties who have been vetted and approved by you, and you remain in complete control of who has access to your data.

Seamless data transfer is crucial to your operations, which is why Briya ensures that your data is transferred quickly and efficiently, without compromising on security or control. Say goodbye to bureaucracy and data tagging and focus on what really matters - your core business and clinical goals.

Make the most
of your data