Airtight De-Identification

Data is de-identified in a way that fully protects patient identity while preserving data integrity and accuracy. In addition to classic de-identification of structured data, Briya performs scanning and cross-field analysis to strip Protected Health Information (PHI) of unstructured data, setting a whole new standard for K-anonymity. 

Active Re-Identification Prevention

We’ve developed unique algorithms, inspired by the fraud-detection industry, that detect malicious re-identification attempts in real time. When a suspicious query is detected, the system is alerting about this event and the data transaction is blocked.

Auto-Enforced Regulation

Blockchain-powered smart contracts automatically enforce regulations (such as GDPR/HIPAA), patient consent and data use agreements (DUA). These capabilities are built into every data transaction, so you no longer have to waste time scrutinizing every record that is shared.

Data Ownership Management

Highly-customizable settings allow you to determine exactly which users / roles can access which data sources and data types, and fully control the nature of the data exchange, both in terms of volume and pricing.

Flawless Patient Matching

Our platform is designed to create a truly longitudinal view of patient information without exposing Protected Health Information (PHI). We provide complete de-identified data on each patient with no duplications by applying a cryptographic Zero-Knowledge-Proof algorithm to solve the problem of data matching. Our system plants tokens that cannot be traced by either party so that the researcher ends up with a single unified, longitudinal and de-identified record.

Real-Time Data Unification

Briya has developed powerful schema translation capabilities that bridge internal silos and simplify data retrieval. With just one query, the data you need is extracted directly from all sources in real time and then unified and standardized in FHIR. 
By plugging into each data source directly, we provide the fastest, most secure and efficient path to data, that is not only high quality but delivered straight to your research environment in a scalable way.

Query Interface & API

Access data in the most convenient way for you:

Query builder

Using a simple and intuitive UI, you can easily search and apply any filters to suit your query.

Query editor

Use our SQL on FHIR interface to design and launch advanced and highly specific queries.


Get access to scalable datasets defined by your queries to train various AI / ML models

Rapid Onboarding

Say goodbye to data deals that take years to cultivate and execute, due to a string of tedious tasks such as manual data preparation, mapping fields, standardization and de-identification.
Briya can connect to any data source within a matter of days to weeks. Plugging into our network is not only quick, but also effortless and low cost. We don’t copy your data to our servers so there’s no need to allocate extra compute, storage, CPU or memory resources. In addition, our schema translation technology automatically maps data into FHIR, no matter how it is structured.

Shorten time to data partnerships