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Active Re-ID Prevention

De-identification is a crucial building block of any healthcare research collaboration. Yet, there are two main problems: first, by using de-identification you also strip it of its clinical value. Second, once the data is anonymized, patients can often be re-identified if their record falls into the wrong hands.

At Briya, we commit to de-identifying data without compromising on accuracy or reliability by using three steps: We don’t prepare datasets ahead of time, leaving them to go stale or to be mined for sensitive information, but pull fresh data directly from the source. We also use fraud detection algorithms to detect suspicious queries and block re-identification attempts in real time.

Thanks to our decentralized architecture, de-identification is performed on premise so that customers remain 100% compliant.

Our 3 level De-ID is the most secure option available:

Classic De-ID

Identifiers are removed, aggregated or subtly changed just enough to preserve maximum data accuracy

Smart PHI Removal

We use cross-field analysis to scan all fields, including free text, and strip the record of any additional PHI information, setting a whole new standard for K-anonymity

Active Re-ID Prevention

Fraud-detection algorithms block malicious re-identification attempts in real time

Auto-Enforced Regulation

With Briya you don’t have to worry about compliance. Healthcare providers can configure exactly what is shared and with whom, controlling the data exchanged, both in terms of volume and pricing. Our built-in smart contracts enforce these rules automatically, as well as regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Complete Longitudinal Records Powered by Briya Matching

Patient data goes well beyond any single database, and is often dispersed across different organizations. Briya tackles exactly that. Our platform is designed to create a truly longitudinal view of patient information.

We provide complete data on each patient with zero duplications. We apply a cryptographic Zero-Knowledge-Proof algorithm to solve the problem of data matching.

Rather than expose patient identity and turn a blind eye to regulation, our algorithm identifies and matches patient data with 99.9% accuracy across disparate data sources. Once the data is matched, we plant tokens that cannot be traced by either party so that the researcher ends up with a single unified, rich and de-identified record.

Fresh Data

At Briya, we understand that achieving top-notch medical outcomes and research starts with having access to the most accurate, reliable and up-to-date information out there.

Our decentralized platform retrieves records directly from the source and transfers them without any pit stops (i.e. through 3rd party servers). In this way data remains where it belongs and we can uphold the highest regulatory and security standards.

Our platform queries data in real time, granting researchers answers to their precise questions, and delivering them fresh from the oven.

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Rapid Onboarding

Our decentralized platform can be implemented in a matter of hours so you can jumpstart your data collaborations straight away, allowing organizations to produce value from their data effectively. Plugging into our network is not only quick, but also effortless and low cost.

We don’t copy your data to our servers so there’s no need to allocate extra compute, storage, CPU or memory resources.

In addition, our schema translation technology automatically maps data into FHIR, no matter how it is structured.

Onboarding is even faster for researchers. Our simple interface allows them to run specific needed queries and receive contracts only for the data they need. The information is sent after it has been de-identified, matched and consolidated across all the relevant parties in our network.

Customizable Queries

Using our intuitive UI, researchers construct their own flexible and highly-specific queries to track down the exact information they need.

We deliver tailor fetched data of the highest quality – de-identified without degrading accuracy, matched and consolidated across sources and standardized in FHIR to create rich longitudinal and horizontal views.

In addition we process clinical data as well as real world data taken from any schema and all types of data, structured and unstructured alike, leaving no stone unturned.

Because we retrieve data in real time, our platform supports both retrospective and prospective research, suitable for any research phase and built for both machine learning (through your API of choice) or human learning.

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FHIR Standardization

Data is structured differently everywhere. This creates internal silos and complicates data retrieval. Data can’t be retrieved smoothly before each field is understood and mapped.

Briya has developed powerful schema translation capabilities that tackle these challenges. We provide the infrastructure that translates all schemas, no matter how diverse, into the international FHIR standard.

You write your queries in the schema you’re familiar with and our SQL editor will auto-complete it.