In 2024, the healthcare industry grapples with significant challenges, including labor shortages exacerbated by COVID-19, rising costs driven by inflation, and the complexities of data quality and interoperability. Privacy and security concerns remain critical amid increasing digitalization. Integrating advanced technologies like AI presents both opportunities and hurdles. Furthermore, the adoption of value-based care and innovative research practices, such as utilizing Real-World Evidence, require substantial shifts in policy and practice to ensure equitable and efficient healthcare delivery.

Briya is at the forefront of these transformative trends, empowering healthcare organizations with real-time access to high-quality real-world data. By leveraging Briya’s advanced data retrieval network, stakeholders can drive innovation, enhance sustainability, integrate social care, and optimize cost management, shaping the future of global healthcare. 

We interviewed Briya’s CEO and Co-Founder, David Lazerson, to explore more about these 2024 trends and discover how Briya is enabling these advancements.

Our primary strategic initiatives revolve around two key areas:

Firstly, we are actively engaged in establishing strategic cooperations and partnerships with healthcare providers and life science companies globally. This involves fostering collaborative relationships that contribute to patient care.

Global medical data is crucial for advancing research and improving healthcare outcomes. We are constantly working on expanding our network to be able to provide researchers with diverse, comprehensive datasets that reflect real-world scenarios, enabling more accurate studies and innovative treatments. As of today, there is a significant lack of accessible global medical data, posing a major challenge for researchers. This scarcity limits the ability to conduct robust, large-scale studies and hinders the development of effective, evidence-based healthcare solutions. Addressing this gap is essential for driving progress in medical research and delivering better patient care worldwide. We are focused on expanding our presence by entering diverse geographical locations. This initiative aims to broaden our reach and impact by tapping into new markets and addressing unique opportunities in various regions.

On another plane, in our labs, we are dedicated to closing the technological gaps that currently limit healthcare studies. Our initiatives include unlocking the value in unstructured free text notes, providing intuitive tools for designing studies, identifying relevant cohorts and analyzing data files, and creating seamless, secure environments for research.

The recognition of data as a vital and pivotal element in clinical research, drug development, and the innovation of new treatments was not as prevalent in the past. However, this awareness has significantly grown within the industry. 

This shift is evident in the increased investment from life science and medtech sectors in Real-World Evidence (RWE) and the heightened willingness of providers to actively participate in such research endeavors. The industry now widely acknowledges the crucial role that data plays in advancing healthcare and shaping future treatments.

I am confident that Briya holds the key to addressing and assisting with these challenges. This situation presents not only an opportunity for our company but also for our valued partners to collectively navigate and thrive in the face of these challenges. By driving efficiency and revenue growth for our partners, while seamlessly improving their security and data management, Briya enables us all to achieve greater success and resilience in the evolving healthcare landscape and the creation of new revenue streams.

Briya is at the forefront of introducing numerous technological advancements, with the most notable being the analysis of unstructured clinical data. This encompasses handling clinical notes, problem lists, discharge summaries, and radiology reports—a capability that many have struggled to effectively manage until now. Additionally, Briya is developing a range of tools designed to enhance researchers’ efficiency. These are just a few of the exciting surprises we have in store for this year, which will be revealed in time.

We are firm believers in the granulation of data and adopting a data-driven approach. This methodology allows us to enable innovative research, which will allow better patient outcomes and healthcare delivery, as opposed to traditional research methods that may not directly yield answers tailored to the individual patient.

Our vision for Briya’s impact on the healthcare industry revolves around pioneering research, fostering greater innovation for healthcare providers, and promoting collaborative initiatives. We envision Briya as a catalyst for transformative advancements, where groundbreaking research, innovative solutions for providers, and collaborative healthcare efforts become more prevalent and impactful. Briya’s role is pivotal in facilitating and supporting these endeavors, contributing to a future where healthcare is marked by continuous improvement and enhanced outcomes.