Better data,
better health

Optimizing RWD access to drive innovation in healthcare.

Better data,
better health

Transforming RWD to propel innovation and advance the future of healthcare.

Elevating Data Collaborations for Maximum Impact

Our network offers rapid, secure access to patient-level clinical and real-world data without friction. Unifying terabytes of data across sources, we empower health organizations and life science companies to unlock the value of RWD, 

Briya eliminates the challenges of slow, costly, and complex data collaborations, significantly reducing data retrieval costs and timelines.

Make an impact

Unlock the power of your data. Briya makes your data accessible on-demand for impactful innovations. Our highly-secure and automated network is designed to accelerate your existing research partnerships and jumpstart new ones.

With briya you can

The exact data you need for impactful analysis

Briya radically minimizes time to data, shortening the process from months and years to days and minutes. Run your research data request through the platform to find and curate the exact data you need, quickly and reliably.

Our vast network of elite healthcare providers has the data to unlock any cure. Harness technology to fully protect patient privacy, while cultivating the highest possible quality of data that is comprehensive and relevant.

With briya you can

Powering real-time data retrieval

Only with Briya

Airtight anonymity

Three layered 

Smart contracts

Auto enforced compliance
built in

Live data

Never goes

Health equity is our top priority

Going beyond curating comprehensive datasets for high-quality research, Briya is committed to ensuring that underrepresented communities have an equal voice in healthcare.

Lets fuel healthcare innovation together

Join us in driving healthcare innovation through data

Partner with us to leverage our data access network and contribute to advancing patient care and research.
Together, we can unlock the full potential of healthcare data.