Better data,
better health

Transforming medical research and innovation through seamless data collaborations.

Briya puts an end to slow, expensive and complex data collaborations

Our network provides access to patient-level clinical and real-world data super-quickly, securely and without friction.
We enable health organizations and life science companies to unlock terabytes of data, unified across sources and reduce data retrieval costs and timelines dramatically.

Briya makes healthcare data accessible on-demand,
 quickly, reliably, compliantly, and without hassle.

The platform allows hospitals, clinics and health systems to seamlessly and safely access and exchange data with researchers and life sciences.

Generate new revenue streams for your organization

Our highly-secure and automated network is designed to accelerate your existing research partnerships and jumpstart new ones.

Briya enables organizations to:

“Briya provides a platform that connects all kinds of datasets and allows the user to receive a full mapping of the medical history.”

Fabio Lievano, VP Safety Science, AbbVie

High quality RWD can make all the difference when it comes to research.

Access patient-level clinical and real-world data on demand,
at a fraction of the time and cost.

Briya radically minimizes time to data, shortening the process from months and years to days and minutes. Through a simple query, you receive the exact data you need, quickly and reliably.

Our technology fully protects patient privacy, while cultivating the highest possible quality of data – providing de-identified data that is comprehensive, longitudinal, diverse and live.

Frictionless Data Collaborations

High-quality clinical and real-world data at your fingertips

Reliable & patient-level

Data is at the highest quality – longitudinal, linked, live, contextual and FHIR-standardized.

Complete patient journeys

Advanced matching technology flawlessly links de-identified patient information across sources and systems

Fast & cost-effective

Our lightweight system provides access to data 10X faster than any other solution, with no extra resources or prep-work required.

Built-in privacy & compliance

Auto-enforced smart contracts and 3-layered de-identification technology ensures each data transaction is fully in line with regulations

Health Equity Is Our Top Priority

Briya doesn’t just cultivate comprehensive datasets for the sake of high-quality research. We actively foster inclusiveness to ensure underrepresented communities get an equal voice in healthcare.

Shorten time to data partnerships