We are very excited to have our team attending Medtech Boston next week!

If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss – it’s our Co-Founder and CEO presenting at the innovation stage on Monday, October 24th at 2:40 AM ET. His talk, embracing the decentralized nature of medical data: accelerating medical innovation with blockchain reviews the vast range of possibilities blockchain opens for us. He will discuss how this can offer simpler healthcare data collaborations, by sharing high quality medical data in a compliant, secure and efficient manner. 

This lecture focuses on the possibilities and functionalities of implementing blockchain in the healthcare data exchange realm including: smart contracts to auto enforce compliance and zero-knowledge-proof patient matching across various data sources.

Want to learn more about our decentralized real-time medical data retrieval platform and how we can work together to accelerate innovation? 

Click here or email us at contact@briya.com to  schedule a 1:1 meeting at Medtech Boston